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Together, we can Be More!

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You are a bodyhacker.

Yes, you.

Bodyhackers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Even “normal” ones. That’s because bodyhacking isn’t just about appearances. It can relate to inward reflection, chemical adjustment, or even a fancy new watch that connects to a smartphone. The body is a vehicle to be tuned, modified, added to, taken away from, painted, tweaked, and customized. Maybe your preferred method is listed here. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, you belong at BDYHAX.


Discover new and old ways of training your brain, building muscle or flexibility, or the latest tools to build custom prosthetics.


Learn about the future of wearable tech, of body modification done around the world, and about projects that could change the way we look at disability.


Connect with old friends, with new companies solving old problems, and with an event full of people looking to make themselves better.

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