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We hope to be able to throw more events in the future, but BDYHAX is on indefinite hiatus.


Check out our farewell blog post.

Austin, TX | LZR
Full 2-day BDYHAX Conference
February 23rd-24th, 2019

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The Bay Area | Menlo College
Human Augmentation 101 1-day Event
December 15th, 2018

Pittsburgh, PA | Protohaven
Human Augmentation 101 1-day Event
September 22nd, 2018


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BDYHAX is an annual conference about body hacks and human enhancement in Austin Texas. Topics covered include human augmentation, transhumanism, biohacking, bioethics, and cyborg culture at large. Each year experts from international locations speak, give workshops, and present on the current state of body hacking, gene therapy, body modification, and wearable technology. Legislation, regulation and other legal, scientific and cultural issues are also popular topics.

Every year BDYHAX is joined by vendors and sponsors interested in nootropics, prosthetics, implantable technology, fashion tech, and personalized health. Attendees meet others in related communities and industries and are introduced to interesting technology like CRISPR, CAS9, North Star, North Sense, RFID implants, and the newest nootropics.

In 2018 the event lasted for three days, and started with a special Friday night event devoted to the sextech industry called SexTech Friday. Friday night speakers included Rich Lee, developer of the Lovetron 9000 (an implantable vibrator), professor Hilary Malatino and feminist blogger Arabelle Sicardi. Hillary is an assistant professor at the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State University. Her areas of research include queer theory, trans and intersex studies, science and technology studies, feminist bioethics, continental philosophy, and decolonial thought. Arabelle has written for her own blog in addition to Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, and Refinery 29, on beauty, fashion, feminism and identity. Mal Harrison of the Center for Erotic Intelligence will emcee the evening. SexTech Friday wraps up with a body hacking burlesque routine and a wearable synthesizer performance.

Saturday and Sunday featured a range of body hacking content from DARPA Biological Technologies Office Director Justin Sanchez to performance artist Stelarc. BDYHAX had additional talks about life extension technologies, gene therapy, a debate on transhumanism versus anarcho-primitivism, how to build your own artificial pancreas system for Type 1 diabetes, and more.

Saturday night wrapped up with The Wormhole, our cyberpunk party celebrating the science fiction and fantasy of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex Machina, and popular cyberpunk literature and video games. 2018’s performers were Magic Sword, Mr. Kitty, Left/Right, and CYBRNETX, a music project from transhumanist musician Jason Barnes.