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BDYHAX is proud to offer many sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to your company’s marketing needs.  Each package includes a variety of options from on-site activations to exclusive blog posts.  Promote your company and help us present this amazing conference at the same time!  Looking for something less traditional? Consider sponsoring one of our special events.

BDYHAX is our full, 2 day conference in Austin, Texas and includes invited international and national speakers on a broad selection of topics as well as talks accepted from our Call for Research submissions about the newest research in human augmentation. BDYHAX also includes The Hub, featuring expo booths, product demos, and other great stuff and our Saturday night cyberpunk dance party, The Wormhole.

Human Augmentation 101 events are about bringing introductory human augmentation content to your local community. These 1-day events will feature experts local to your region, as well as an RFID chip programming walkthrough, and project demos. This year includes EAST & WEST.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a custom package, please contact us at 

Past BDYHAX Events

With two years under our belt, BDYHAX is getting better and better.

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