2017 Sponsors + Expo

Join us to Be More Together in Austin, TX January 28-29 at Austin Convention Center. Whether you’re a big company who wants to be on the forefront of everything that’s happening or you’re a nonprofit or startup with a small budget we’ve got options for you.

Set Up @ The Hub

Maybe someone just discovered they were a bodyhacker. Maybe they found out about some super cool and emerging technology that they just had to know more about. Maybe they simply like to rub elbows with a world of smart, interesting people all trying to make themselves, and ultimately the world, better. Thousands of people will do exactly these things, absolutely free, at The Hub.

The Hub is the sprawling expo floor of BDYHAX where registrants mix with the general public to build, learn, experiment, try, taste, discuss, discover, and mingle. You can find everything from free samples of nootropics and the latest in wearable tech to cutting-edge prosthetic limbs and training equipment that’ll get you moving and off the couch. If you can’t build a better you after visiting The Hub then you’re not trying hard enough.

However, without killer stuff to look at and smart people to talk to, The Hub is just another room. A room we need your help to fill. As a bonus, all our booth sponsors are eligible to participate in Put Together, the BDYHAX fashion show. So choose your booth size, pack up your stuff, and let’s blow some minds together.


Become a sponsor of BDYHAX

It probably goes without saying that since we celebrate such a wide range of approaches to bodyhacking, we have a very diverse population of attendees and partners. Your product, your service, your culture…they’re all uniquely you. We want to help celebrate that diversity and that’s why we don’t confine you to some narrow definition of sponsorship.

BDYHAX is looking for a number of key partners, but what these partnerships look like is for you and us to decide together. Maybe you want your logo stamped on the forehead of every attendee, or perhaps you’d prefer a parrot trained to fly over the expo and repeat your slogan ad nauseam whenever it hears a bell.

Surely you have better ideas than these and we want to hear them. So drop us a line at: sponsors@bdyhax.com and let’s talk parrots.

How did BDYHAX 2016 go?

Head over to our 2016 Recap blog post for more details!


To learn more about The Hub, our special events, and the rest of BDYHAX, request a copy of the 2017 prospectus by filling out this form.

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