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Take a break, have some fun, party like it’s 2999.

You’’ve seen it on the expo floor, now see it in action. The latest and greatest in wearable fashion ranging from exoskeletons to more conventional cloth-based clothing that’s anything but…well, conventional, will strut, clomp, slither or otherwise proceed up and down the catwalk at this inaugural event. Think of it as fashion week for cyborgs.
Music & live performance by Kiara. DJ’d by Whatcat.

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INTERLACED is an organization dedicated to inspire, educate and communicate the developments around the next wave of fashion, creating a platform for curious minds.

Their aim is to accelerate consumer adoption of wearable technology fashion, smart clothing and apparel.

The Wormhole

Come Saturday night when everyone’s ready to blow off some steam BDYHAX hosts The Wormhole, an epic dance party with amazing DJs and incredible lighting, sure to get your blood pumping. Stay tuned for updates on what exactly we have planned for this year, but be rest assured it’’ll be awesome.

Music by: Cybrnetx, Punktronica, Sean Sparks, Fropsi & seismic percussion by Moon Ribas.

9PM-1AM, Saturday January 28 | Venue: Vulcan Gas Company

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