Affordability When you buy a drug online in, you buy it directly from the provider. The price does not include, for example, rental costs, like it does when you purchase a medicine at a land-based pharmacy. Besides, you can choose to buy a generic drug instead of a brand one. Most brand name medicines have generic alternatives, which have a similar chemical composition but are much less expensive. Generic drugs have the same dosage, pharmacological effect, indications, and contraindications as their brand name counterparts. Many potential buyers express concern that quality may be compromised in cheaper generic medications. In fact, a generic drug is a replica of its brand name counterpart, which can be legally produced (if approved by the FDA) when the patent for the latter expires. Brand name drugs are more highly priced because the manufacturer has invested a large sum in research, development, and marketing. Finally, reputable Canadian online pharmacies use contemporary marketing options. To attract clientele, they arrange promotion actions and offer substantial discounts from time to time.
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Bodyhack (/badi hæk/) –

A device, technique, or procedure that an individual chooses to utilize that can help observe, analyze, augment, modify, or improve their body.

Who are Bodyhackers?

Bodyhackers are simply people who hack their bodies including cyborgs, fitness buffs, body modification artists, yogis, and practical transhumanists. A bodyhack doesn’t have to be as advanced as a bionic prosthetic; it can be as simple as a wearable step-counter, bifocals or an old meditation technique.


Discover the latest advancements in bodyhacking from wearable technology to sensory enhancement as well as tips, techniques and methods from other bodyhackers.


Experience an event that brings people and technology together like no other.


Connect with experts and like-minded bodyhackers to share knowledge, resolve ethical issues and help influence a ground-breaking industry and community.

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