Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Bodyhacking?

A:  Bodyhacking describes the many types of self-directed human development.  For one person, bodyhacking looks like piercings, tattoos, and meditation.  For another, it looks like the newest prosthetic limb.  It could include specialized biometric tracking devices, or cognitive enhancers.  At the heart of bodyhacking is a DIY ethos.  Whether it’s self expression or quality of life, body hackers believe they have a right to learn about the risks and benefits of each technique and make autonomous decisions.  Learn more by reading our blog.

Q:  How is bodyhacking different from biohacking?

A:  Biohacking refers to the general engineering of biology with a focus on modifications at the genetic level. Biohacking includes aspects of bodyhacking such as nootropics, diet and exercise, but also refers to hacking the biology of plants, bacteria, viruses, and other organic material. Many biohacks are DIY and can be performed by citizen scientists, but the larger conversation includes theoretical concepts and research with a focus on self directed evolution over the next 50-100 years.


Bodyhacking is immediate, self-focused, and includes all of the ways humans hack their current experience. Also known as practical transhumanism, bodyhacking focuses on how we can express or improve ourselves right now.  Areas of exploration include personalized health care, implants and body modification, prosthetics, and wearable technology.  The majority of bodyhacks are DIY or focused on currently available technology.   

Q:  Do I have to be a bodyhacker to attend BDYHAX?

A:  No!  Our attendees range from being experienced industry professionals to curious amateurs. Whether you’re already a part of the bodyhacking world or just interested in learning more, this conference is for you.

Q:  What is BDYHAX?

A:  BDYHAX is the premier conference for human augmentation, transhumanism, and biohacking. Held annually in Austin Texas, BDYHAX brings people together from all different backgrounds. Our presentations and workshops are given by both industry leaders and experienced DIY scientists. Our attendees range from life-long body hackers to curious newcomers. Topics covered include personalized healthcare, implants, body modification, prosthetics, wearable tech, nootropics, life extension, ethics, legislation, and more. To let down, we throw the biggest cyberpunk party in Austin on Saturday night of the conference.

Q:  Where is BDYHAX held?

A:  BDYHAX is held in Austin, TX. The location for 2019 is TBD.

Q:  When is BDYHAX held?

A:  BDYHAX 2018 was February 2-4; BDYHAX 2019 details TBD.

Q:  How can I attend?

A:  BDYHAX has several ways you can attend.  Conference tickets are available by clicking here. If you have a cool product to show off or academic research to present click here.  We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteers.  Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.  

Q: How do I sponsor or exhibit at BDYHAX?

A:  Sponsorship and exhibitor information for BDYHAX 2019 can be found here.  Other questions can be directed to