A Con as Unique as Its Attendees

February 2-4th, 2018 | Austin, Texas

Bodybuilders, tattoo enthusiasts, tech folk, and every other group out there has their own conventions focused on precisely what they’re already into. BDYHAX is a little different. By bringing everyone together we want to expand horizons, create new connections, and, hopefully, encourage new frontiers to be explored. Join us as bodyhackers from all walks of life share philosophies, technologies, and maybe the occasional cocktail, all in the name of altering the human body as its owner sees fit.

What to Expect Besides Everything.

At the BDYHAX Conference at the Sheraton Downtown Austin,  you’’ll have 2 days of amazing conference sessions, talks on sensory substitution, how we can make prosthetics better and about new tech, as well as directly applicable hints, tips, and hacks for making your body the best it can be.

Additionally, you’ll have access to Lightning Talks, Demos, a screening of the Documentary “Fixed“, and more. Want to give a lightning talk or have somethign cool to demo? Fill out this form. Want to get down with fellow attendees? Join us at The Wormhole – our cyberpunk party on the Saturday evening. Want to join in but short on funds? Consider joining our ranks as a volunteer.


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We will have a diverse & inspiring set of speakers for 2018. Check back periodically to see who we’ve announced.

Past speakers include the likes of Cory Doctorow, Liviu Babitz,  Amal Graafstra, Kristina Dimitrova, and more.


Liviu Babitz


Kristina Dimitrova


Cory Doctorow