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Cory Doctorow & Rob “Eyeborg” Spence Join BDYHAX 2017

Cory Doctorow & Rob “Eyeborg” Spence Join BDYHAX 2017

Cory Doctorow and Rob “Eyeborg” Spence join the lineup at 2017 BodyHacking Con

BDYHAX, Austin’s annual bodyhacking and human augmentation event, announces that the award-winning writer and co-editor of Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow and bionic videographer Rob “Eyeborg” Spence, will join other speakers at January 2017’s event.


BDYHAX, Austin’s annual bodyhacking and human augmentation convention, announces that the award-winning writer and co-editor of Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow, will join bionic videographer Rob “Eyeborg” Spence and others at January 2017’s event taking place at Austin Convention Center January 27-29.

Doctorow and Eyeborg join an already strong lineup of speakers, including cyborg performance artist and activist Moon Ribas, drummer Jason Barnes, and writer George Dvorsky. The January 28-29 conference will feature two days of talks on topics like Cyborg Art, Ethics in Bodyhacking, and Apparel Futures: Exos and Beyond. The Hub is a combined family-friendly free expo and lounge space where attendees can meet the leading companies in bodyhacking and is welcoming back the  Hand-a-Thon for a second year to build 3d printed prosthetic hands for kids. Core passes to the conference are $120 through mid-November or until sold out.

Additionally, BDYHAX (“Body Hacks”) will be hosting Put Together, a fashion show on the evening of Friday, January 27th and The Wormhole on Saturday night. Put Together: The BDYHAX Fashion Show will feature a “Waiting for Earthquakes” performance from Moon Ribas, and fashion tech from artists like Birce Ozkan, Teresa Lamb and Jingwen Zhu along with the latest in wearable tech and bodyhacking. The Wormhole is a dance party of epic proportions, celebrating the science fiction and fantasy around cyborgs and human augmentation with performances by Moon Ribas, Jason Barnes (as CYBRNETX) and others. Put Together and The Wormhole are currently priced at $15 each.

BodyHacking Con, also known as BDYHAX (“Body Hacks”) isn’t just about implantable technology. It’s about wearable tech, cybernetics and prosthetics, health, fitness, nootropics, and body modification like tattoo and piercing, along with everything else you can do to be more like your ideal self. BDYHAX 2017 takes place at Austin Convention Center January 27-29. More information can be found at as well as on Twitter @BodyHackingCon, Instagram @BodyHackingCon, and For further press inquiries, please contact at

Official Press Release can be found here.

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