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CES 2016 Bodyhacking Favorites

CES 2016 Bodyhacking Favorites

Last week I attended the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2016, in Las Vegas.  Being a bodyhacker that focuses on wearable technology, supplements, and other health-focused technology, I spent a lot of my convention time in the Sands Expo Level 2 where the wearables, sports and health tech, and related booths were.  Here’s five of the products that I found that I was the most excited about, in no particular order:




ReliefBand® is wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy or motion sickness.


Motion sickness can be caused by air travel, boats, trains, automobiles, rapid moving video such as video games and movies, and amusement park rides.  The intensity of the ReliefBand can be adjusted across five different intensity settings and claims relief in only minutes.  In a sea of booths touting wristwatch form factor health monitors and trackers that could barely differentiate themselves from each other, it was a nice break from the norm to find a wristwatch form factor device that was not a health tracker.




dokiWatch is the world’s most advanced smartwatch for kids 6 to 12 years old that’s also a wearable phone and locator.  It’s the first-ever 3G-enabled smartwatch for kids with video calling, voice calling, messaging, and location-tracking capabilities in one simple device!  dokiWatch anticipates what families need in order to keep connected, but it’s designed especially for children who aren’t ready for a smartphone yet.


As a parent with children spanning many age ranges, I interact with a lot of other parents.  It seems parents now days are terrified of leaving their children alone, preferring to be “helicopter parents”, hovering over their children constantly to keep away the bad parts of the world.  Children these days are not allowed to walk themselves to the park or play around their neighborhoods for fear of abduction or exposure to other evils.  I believe we need technology like this to allow parents to be comfortable in allowing their children to grow into socially healthy, independent little people who aren’t so afraid of the world that they cling to their parents for dear life.  Society’s opinions on what is an appropriate amount of independence for children has changed from when I was young, and in my opinion not in a positive way.  Technology that can provide parents with peace of mind without them having to be physically present 100% of the time may help us swing that pendulum back the other direction a bit.




Joylux brings you vSculpt, the world’s first at-home pelvic floor toning and rejuvenation medical device for the millions of women affected by pelvic-floor issues due to childbirth and aging who are seeking to restore their pelvic floor health for improved bladder control and enhanced sexual wellness.

vSculpt utilizes an innovative combination of technologies—therapeutic light, gentle heat, and sonic technology. The result: a stronger, rejuvenated pelvic floor, and greater self-confidence. Used with our proprietary Photonic Gel, vSculpt’s results are enhanced.


Being a big fan of happy healthy women, this product really stood out to me as something a bit different from everything else in the realm of restorative health devices I’d seen on the expo floor.  Most of the other devices I had seen focused on using either electric stimulation or radio waves to induce heat beneath the surface of the skin to target tissue to treat.  This device combined multiple techniques and targets a very specific area of health problems.


HumanCharger Valkee

HumanCharger logo picture

Sunshine boosts our energy levels, lifts our mood and helps us perform at our best. So when we travel between timezones, days and seasons, we just don’t get enough light. The HumanCharger sends UV-free, blue-enriched white light to where we need it most, so we remain forever in sync.


Living beings are designed to rise and fall with the sun. But we extend our days, live through our nights and gallivant across the globe. Our natural body clocks are at odds with modern routines. As a result, energy levels dim, moods flatten, and our minds have to fight through a fog.


Scientist and engineer Juuso Nissila and Antti Aunio launched Valkee in 2007, to fight through the long, dark winters of their home in northern Finland. Inspired by our brain as the central ‘mood’ system and our body as the timekeeper, Valkee – the world’s first bright light headset – brings light to the parts of ourselves that need it most. So together we can exist as complete living beings – happy, focused and inspired by another day, no matter the weather or time zone.

As someone who travels a lot, I have definitely experienced jet lag from time to time.  This device, when used with the accompanying mobile app, can minimize jet lag when you arrive by planning out a light therapy regimine to undergo during your travel.


LifeFuels Bottle


The award-winning Smart Nutrition Bottle revolutionizing personal wellness.

Innovative. Simple. Stylish.
I’m a big fan of the quantified self.  Many of my wearables are focused towards tracking as much health data as I can get from my body.  I try to, as accurately as possible, track my consumption of foods and beverages and supplements as well, but unlike vitamins and nootropics which are usually pressed tablets or capsules and have been measured to provide a specific dose, it’s very difficult to do this with foods and beverages, especially if you prepare your own foods at home and don’t eat processed foods that have nutrition labels to provide some of this information.  This smart nutrition bottle from LifeFuels helps solve some of these problems and a few more.  This bottle houses a storage area for up to 5 separate FuelPods which are a way that the bottle can infuse vitamins and nutrition into the liquid contained in the bottle.  These FuelPods are packaged in recyclable containers and can contain up to 30 servings per FuelPod, so just refill the bottle with water and you can dispense one of your five pre-selected infusions into your freshly refilled bottle.  The 18 oz bottle itself has a battery that should last you all day, is aware of it’s own water level, and syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth to its app on your mobile device where you can view usage data and dispense FuelPods directly from the mobile device.  And it comes in green.  I’m sold.

Dustin D. Trammell

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