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BDYHAX + SexTech Friday

BDYHAX + SexTech Friday

SexTech Friday – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sexiness

With the first SexTech Hack-a-thon in America occuring last June in New York City, SexTech is definitely on the scene. With leaders like Entrepreneur Cindy Gallop of “MakeLoveNotPorn” and Mal Harrison of the Center for Erotic Intelligence, SexTech is a thriving (throbbing?) community full of people not traditionally at the forefront of sex industries. As the industry moves forward with women and non-binary people at the helm and with an emphasis on self expression and individual experience, the industry is likely to see a lot of change.

In the past 2 years, sextech companies, media, and events have been multiplying like rabbits. The SexTech NYC Hack-a-thon was open to all but catered to female-identified innovators and attendees spent one day working in groups to design and pitch a working product. Events like these have helped women interested in owning sextech companies build community and earn funding.

SexTech Friday at BDYHAX on February 2nd sets aside a whole evening for these ideas, but with a special emphasis on how these technologies interact with our bodies and how different people experience their sex lives. The internet has allowed us to access many websites like porn7 xxx that show us how certain people live their sex lives, but we want to know how new technologies are impacting the world of sex. We’re not just talking about teledildonics, fancy vibrators, and other sex toys- we’ll talk about how people hack their appearance with technologies and techniques such as dieting, makeup, botox, plastic surgery and human growth hormone or their reproductive systems with IUDs, vasectomies, or other available technologies and why these technologies are not often considered technology. (For more on this, read Rose Eveleth’s Bodyhackers are all around you, they’re called women


8pm-9pm: Drinks and Mingling

9pm-10m: Cyborgasms, Rich Lee

Rich will discuss his own work developing vibrating sex implants as well as other cybernetic technologies on the horizon.

Rich Lee joins SexTech Friday to discuss sexual cybernetic technologies including the Lovetron 9000, a vibrating sex implant. Rich’s work is an intersection of lighthearted “why not?” and data-driven iterating, covering the complexities of designing an implantable device. While some may scoff at the Lovetron for being a “pleasure only” enhancement, Rich’s talk will spark attendees to think about how we interact with pleasure, where it belongs in/around our bodies, and why we frequently consider sexual wellness as different from emotional or physical wellness.

The future of sex is likely more vivid, more intense, and far more alien than any of us could have imagined. Rich Lee will share his perspective on the future of sex and the technologies that will alter human intercourse forever. We’re already seeing developing technology on websites similar to tubev that are making huge changes in the adult entertainment industry, and these changes are only going to start coming thicker and faster.

10pm-11pm: Sex, Gender & Cyborgs Panel Including – Arabelle Sicardi & Hilary Malatino

The current concept of an inclusive cyborg culture and philosophy has a lot to do with the criticism of traditional notions of feminism, gender and politics in Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto (1984). As the central thesis, Haraway rejects the hard boundaries that separate us from human and machine and calls us to revise our concepts of all of these subjects. SexTech Friday presents an amazing panel of speakers to discuss this topic.

Arabelle Sicardi:

Arabelle Sicardi began writing about fashion, beauty, sexuality through a queer lense as a teen. Since then she has continued her feminist blogging for BuzzFeed, Allure, Teen Vogue, and more.

Hilary Malatino:

Hilary Malatino is a Professor at the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State University. Their research focuses on trans and intersex studies, feminist science, and technology.

This panel will draw focus on the ideas and technology that overlap between bodyhacking and feminism and how we integrate these into our sexual lives and personal expressions of gender.

11pm-12am: Performances

Anastasia Synn:

Anastasia Synn uses biohacking in magic and stunt performance. Her current implants include a temperature tag, two magnets in the wrist and finger, a back installed Northsense, and an nfc tag, with many more to come. A self proclaimed wearables addict, she tracks many aspects of her life through technology.

The Wearable Synthesizer

The Wearable Synthesizer is an improvisational music and dance performance that uses light sensors and human body position to create a custom piece of music for that moment.

Trevor Goodman

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