BDYHAX Convention Farewell

BDYHAX Convention Farewell

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the end of BDYHAX, our flagship bodyhacking convention.  After four years, it has become apparent that we’re simply too early. The community isn’t big enough and the industry not mature enough to support an event as big and comprehensive as ours.

The initial vision of BDYHAX included an expo, and for the first two years we attempted to include one.  Our inaugural year’s expo eclipsed the size of year two’s expo as many vendors didn’t come back, and neither year broke even for the space they occupied.  Unfortunately, the revenue from attendee badge sales and sponsorship each year also does not come anywhere close to covering costs, and if we were to raise the price of admission we would price the majority of our community out of being able to attend.  Companies in this space in large part don’t have the funds or staff bandwidth to get involved as a sponsor. In all, the revenue from the event comes nowhere close to covering the cost of an event like ours.

We would very much like to thank our speakers and panelists who have joined us over the past four years.  You’ve allowed us to, in large part, direct and frame conversations in the bodyhacking and personal autonomy social discussion, as well as provided invaluable content to our event.

We would also like to thank our many volunteers, without which this event simply wouldn’t have happened.  Your generous gift of your time and energy has been greatly appreciated.

It’s been a beautiful ride but this is the end.  Thanks again for sharing this journey with us.

Dustin D. Trammell

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