BDYHAX 2018: Lightning Talks + Demo Schedule

BDYHAX 2018: Lightning Talks + Demo Schedule

Do you want more fast-paced talks on Saturday evening or do you want to check out some hands on demos? Good news, you can do both!

Saturday Lightning Talks

Starting at 4:30pm and running until about 7:30


Sydney Swaine-Simon – The Ethical Neurotech Hacker

Aaron Trocola – Strata of Wearable Tech

Katia Vega – Beauty Technology: Towards Interactive Cosmetics

Tamara Banbury – Integrating AI into our bodies- who does our thinking for us?

Ryan O’Shea – Hacking Humanity with AI

Aaron Traywick – Radical Personalized Healthcare: Open-Source Gene Therapy Platforms to Protect and Augment Health

James Pricer – Creating Animated Abstractions from Human Biological Data

Matt Fries – Illumimotion: A Cybernetic Dance

David Krantz – How Your Genes Shape Your Response to Cannabis: Personalized Genomics and The Future of Psychoactives


Saturday Demos

Starting at 5pm and running until 7:30

Aaron Trocola – Scan-Based Wearable Tech- 3d scanners, 3d printers and custom wearables

University of Texas Enabling the Future – Help make 3d printed prosthetic hands for kids

Mixael Laufer – Make Your Own Medicine equipment demo

Radigan Cosplay – Cosplay techniques, aesthetics and fashion in bodyhacking

Be The Match – The GenCure Marrow Donor Program

EFF Austin – The Electronic Frontier Foundation

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Trevor Goodman

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