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BDYHAX 2018 Brings Human Augmentation to Austin Texas

BDYHAX 2018 Brings Human Augmentation to Austin Texas


Contact: Trevor Goodman
Cell Phone: 817.706.6939

BDYHAX 2018 Brings Human Augmentation to Austin Texas

Austin, TX, December 12 2017 – BDYHAX, the only annual human augmentation, transhumanism, and biohacking conference, returns to Austin, Texas for its 3rd year. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol from February 2nd-4th, 2018. Conference registration is now open at .

BDYHAX will host global experts in the fields of life extension, body modification, open-source healthcare, biohacking ethics, and more. The keynote address will be provided by Justin Sanchez, director of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office, and will focus on DARPA’s work in human-machine interfaces. Justin will also provide insight to DARPA’s upcoming projects in 2018. Other notable speakers include Liz Parrish, gene therapy self-experimenter and CEO of Bioviva, Tim Cannon of Grindhouse Wetware, Dana Lewis of the Open Artificial Pancreas System, and the body modification artist Stelarc.

This year, BDYHAX adds SexTech Friday to the conference lineup. Focusing on how technology influences sexuality and gender, SexTech Friday will present topics ranging from the scandalous to the philosophical. Presenters include Rich Lee with the Lovetron 9000, feminist fashion blogger Arabelle Sicardi, and Penn State women’s studies professor Hilary Malatino. SexTech Friday is an 18+ event.

On Saturday night, BDYHAX will host its annual cyberpunk party, The Wormhole at Elysium in downtown Austin. The Wormhole will be headlined by the electronic trio Magic Sword, and include other performances by Austin-based Mr. Kitty and Dallas’ DJ Left/Right.



BDYHAX is the only annual human augmentation, transhumanism, and biohacking conference in the world. Held in the tech hub of Austin Texas, BDYHAX brings together members of many different industries. Despite their differences, presenters and attendees all share an interest in how people use technology to achieve new heights. Attendees range from industry leaders to curious newcomers. Topics covered include personalized healthcare, implants, body modification, prosthetics, wearable tech, nootropics, life extension, the ethics and legislation of biohacking, and more.





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