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BDYHAX 2017 – Put Together Fashion Tech Show

BDYHAX 2017 – Put Together Fashion Tech Show

Kicking off a weekend of bodyhacking, future tech, bionics, and transhumanism, the event featured fashion tech from artists like Birce Ozkan, Teresa Flour Lamb, Jingwen Zhu, Lina Wassong, and Rachel Nhan.

Pieces showcased featured tech including responsive-design, sensory augmentation, new reactive materials, 3D printed garments and more including Sensoree’s mood-sensing sweater and Erica Gray’s pieces featuring AR elements with Aurasma.

Additionally, Put Together opened with a “Waiting for Earthquakes” performance by Moon Ribas, a cyborg who senses earthquakes worldwide with the assistance of an implant in her arm.

Directly after the runway, Kiara Craft performed new-release songs from her upcoming second album.


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