Affordability When you buy a drug online in, you buy it directly from the provider. The price does not include, for example, rental costs, like it does when you purchase a medicine at a land-based pharmacy. Besides, you can choose to buy a generic drug instead of a brand one. Most brand name medicines have generic alternatives, which have a similar chemical composition but are much less expensive. Generic drugs have the same dosage, pharmacological effect, indications, and contraindications as their brand name counterparts. Many potential buyers express concern that quality may be compromised in cheaper generic medications. In fact, a generic drug is a replica of its brand name counterpart, which can be legally produced (if approved by the FDA) when the patent for the latter expires. Brand name drugs are more highly priced because the manufacturer has invested a large sum in research, development, and marketing. Finally, reputable Canadian online pharmacies use contemporary marketing options. To attract clientele, they arrange promotion actions and offer substantial discounts from time to time.

BDYHAX 2016 – Textile Sensing Platforms to support a Healthier Life Style

BDYHAX 2016 – Textile Sensing Platforms to support a Healthier Life Style

Dr. Rita Paradiso covers Textile Sensing Platforms to support a Healthier Life Style


Wearable monitoring systems, realized by integrating a proper set of sensors and electrodes in form of fabric allows a friendly acquisition of vital signs. The health status of any user can be checked without any clinician support, just wearing a garment. In fact the sensors placement in the garment assures their right location on the body. The subject does not need to be supervised by skilled personnel during the setting of the system neither during the measurement; signals can remotely be analyzed (also in real-time, if needed) and interpreted to generate the proper feedback to the users. These systems are fully washable and comfortable and can be customized to increase sensing functionality, Moreover physiological objective information provided by these systems can be combined with many behavioral indexes that are generated when using the mobile technology. More and more in the future, we will ask for confirmations, advices, and help from the technology.

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