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2016 BDYHAX Recap

BodyHacking Con 2016 Website

2016 BDYHAX Recap

BodyHacking Con isn’t just about implantable technology, it’s about anything you can do to your body to be your more ideal self. However a bodyhacker decides to physically alter or improve their mind or body, there’s always more to discover, learn, teach, synthesize, and celebrate. In 2016, our aim was to make BDYHAX the place where all that happened.

It turned out, people liked the idea.

Our inaugural year was incredible. Registrants from all around the world combined hundreds of curious bodyhackers to form a Voltron-esque amalgamation of excellent talks, parties, panels, and meetups that we were proud to have been a part of.

Whether you were there to check out James Young’s prosthetic arm inspired by Metal Gear Solid,  wanted to get an NFC or RFID chip implant by Amal Graafstra, got to try out the glasses changing the way the colorblind see by EnChroma, or just wanted to revel in what others were doing- BodyHacking Con was  the place to be. It was a fantastic combination of people coming together to share ideas and broaden how we see ourselves & the limits within technology & society.

Read on to see our reach, recap on the topics & speakers, and check out the media born out of the BodyHacking Con.

Check out videos from 2016 at our YouTube account:–qSw90A97bdjIb54lEOA

Review the schedule & great lineup of speakers:

If you didn’t get an opportunity to get your feedback in before the survey was closed, email us at We always want to hear from you.

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Neil Harbisson & Richard MacKinnon during the "Cyborg Pride & Identity" panel.
Neil Harbisson & Richard MacKinnon during the "Cyborg Pride & Identity" panel.
Amal Graafstra injecting an attendee with a RFID chip.
Amal Graafstra injecting an attendee with a RFID chip.
James Young of the Phantom Limb Project
James Young of the Phantom Limb Project

2016 Survey Results:

“I remain suffused in a rosy glow two days afterwards. Great presenters, topics, vendors, and most of all, an amazing group of attendees. So heartening to find myself in a crowd of smart, energetic, hard working creative and optimistic people. BDYHAX lifted my spirits immensely.”  – Survey Respondent

“In this contentious political climate, the BDYHAX Conference was an island of intelligence and optimism that felt positive and restorative…The good news, that there are brilliant, creative, committed people out there pushing the envelope in the interests of human life, is precious.” – C. Mark Dalton

“I learned as much during the parties as I did during the conference. Absolutely everybody had an interesting story to tell.”  – Yannick Roy

Your 5 favorite booths were:


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Further Info:

Press releases

Media about 2016 BDYHAX–hack-your-body.html

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